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ableSEO offers a wide range of I.T. services including web design and company promotion, hardware, networking, installations, databases and all types of design service. We are pleased to be associated with the following companies and are currently updating and maintaining their websites or optimising their business presence. We are also involved with online e-commerce functionality. 

Latest Portfolios

  • Piston Juice

    Piston Juice present the world’s most interesting cars for sale.
  • Forest Fun Club

    Set in the expansive parkland of meadows and woodland that surround Pickhurst Infant Academy, the Forest school site provides a rich and varied opportunity to extend a children’s learning without them even realising!
  • Macks Heating and Plumbing

    Specialist in heating, breakdown, installation and commercial applications as well as high specification bathrooms, natural stone tiling and general plumbing.

Search Engine Optimisation

Comprehensive services to promote your business online

The world of website and business promotions is an ever changing place. Google are regularly updating their algorithms and this is to ensure a fair reflection of online presence relating to individual companies.

Just like ableSEO has always maintained, Google does not encourage excessive SEO techniques and as such want to display higher quality websites at the top of Google’ search results.

In addition to optimisation advice, we offer social networking promotions such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

We work in association with Compass Computing to design and create bespoke Websites, Databases, Corporate Identity, Stationary, Software and Hardware Services. redesign, optimisation, alterations, Sitemaps, Blog and RSS feeds.

Competitive Pricing

We have an individual pricing approach

We offer very competitive prices for our whole range of services in the UK. We use the latest search engine techniques. We have the very latest software to ensure you get the best possible service for your money. Most importantly, we carry out specific link targeting. Submissions are completed in person. We feel this obtains the best results. A personal touch means we ensure the best results.

More emphasis is now being placed upon social networking sites and websites with current relevant content which appeals to the visitor. We will work closely with our customers to adhere to Google’s rules and regulations while creating the most effective website to attract customers.

Tailored Service

Detailed Individual Analysis For Each Enquiry

A detailed study of your site is carried out. We identify the amount of work required to produce a site that Google will recognise and promote. We then give an open and honest quotation for the amount of website adjustment required.

So contact us today for a detailed analysis on how we can improve internet traffic to your business. This, in turn, will probably increase sales. Go to the contact page to see how we can help you.

Why Company Promotions Are Important

Why You Should Act Now

People not involved in website optimisation often find it difficult to understand the different methods involved in search engine optimisation. If you have to explain the basic SEO concepts to your boss, the following information should help:

1. Popularity – Link Building

Quite simply, the more popular your website, the more other websites will link to it. This, in turn, will be recognised by the search engines and you will be promoted up the results!

2. Different link types:

The relevance of a link is carefully considered by search engines. Links from relevant sites are the most helpful. A link from a popular site itself is more valuable to a link from a less popular website. Links from Social Networking Sites such as Facebook and Twitter are very useful.

3. Maintain website updates

There will always be stiff competition who are attempting the same end result as you. Therefore, maintaining a current website is important. ableSEO London strive to implement the best strategies possible within your budget.

4. Resist buying links

Buying links can be viewed by some search engines as editorial votes. Google actually penalises web sites who buy links. Also resist excessive optimisation offered by other companies. These types of heavy link building and purchased links have now created problems for those websites.

5. Problems with redirects

Spammers have used redirects over the years and some search engines have difficulty with redirects. If you are going to redirect, then use a “301” redirect. Search engines follow a 301 and pass links from the old to the new.

6. Duplicate content causes problems

You should not promote more than one domain for the same website content. You should have unique content for all of your web pages.

7. So, why optimise?

Search engines quite simply index web pages. The text on each page is analysed and the results calculated accordingly. Keyword density, when it is right, helps the search engine consider the web page relevant. Too many keywords and a wrong density can cause the search engine to penalise a site. Content is now the overriding factor. Make your website current and update it with good interesting content and the search engines (as well as the human visitors!) will love it. This will then catapult you up the search engine rankings.

8. The key to success – Make your website interesting and current

Carefully choose the right content to be targeted at a specific area. The perfect content is targeted and leads to an increase in sales. So contact able SEO London today for a comprehensive analysis of your business and see how we could help. We look forward to hearing from you.

Compass ComputingCompass Computing

We work in association with Compass Computing and as such can offer a wider range of excellent services. A short description of each are as follows:

    • Single or multiple user bespoke databases including all levels of forms, reports and automation.
    • Full web site design including forms, cgi, Javascript, ASP, CSS and graphics are available.
    • On line shopping features.
    • Database driven if required.
    • From conception to completion.
    • Different levels of design according to your individual needs.
    • From basic design to complete company image.
    • Images, logos, layout and editing. Even company stationery and brochures.
    • The possibilities are endless.
    • Business Cards, envelopes, compliment cards
    • Crackback calendars
    • Media promotion stationary
    • Product promotion
    • Bespoke network solutions.
    • Computers built and installed.
    • Data back-up solutions.

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